Judging From This Clip, Connor McGregor Is Going To Get His Ass Beat By Mayweather

https://twitter.com/BSO/status/880570391973945344 I understand it's only training but this clips does not look good for McGregor. Personally, I HATE Floyd because his defensive boxing style makes for boring fights. I hope like hell that McGregor can catch him one time and plant his ass to the floor but realistically it's not going to happen. This fight... Continue Reading →

I Officially Hate Brett Favre

You can love him but I hate him. Go ahead, act like Brett's a true gun slinging, Levi wearing, All-American man. For me, I can no longer stand him. The dude just straddles the fucking fence with everything in life. Retire...NOT... Coach/GM... Maybe? Come back again... "I think I could." Want to return to Green... Continue Reading →

The Moment Jeff Fisher Is Fired Really Puts Things In Perspective

https://twitter.com/NFL/status/880418159542632449 Pretty gut wrenching stuff. Makes you stop and think about the real lives that are impacted by these moves that are casually discussed in sports media by people like Stephen A. Smith. As the talking heads at ESPN bash Fisher, this gives you perspective. I always liked Fisher, and I like him even more... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Stadium Renovations Are Almost Done – Finally!

Back in 2014 Notre Dame announced a massive stadium renovation that totaled $400 million dollars. (Project) As a fan I've welcomed all the changes, including the ribbon boarding, and especially the new Jumbo Tron centered perfectly for Touchdown Jesus's viewing pleasure. And more importantly, I've loved reading about all the nut jobs over at Ndnation.com... Continue Reading →

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