Mike Carey – Bet

A thousand times over, take YES! I would put my life savings up for this bet...It's 1,000% sure to happen. Carey hasn't been right about anything in all the years that he's been calling these games from the booth. Everyone has that one friend who sucks at betting, so to win, you bet opposite of all... Continue Reading →

What’s this 

I live with Uncle stink and J-Hoe. And I just came home for lunch to find a magazine opened to this page in the kitchen.     I live with a bunch of sickos. 

America’s Pastime – Tinder

Everyone knows about Tinder and almost everyone has used Tinder at least once since the app's introduction. We love it. We love seeing what's out there. Most importantly, we love rating what's out there. We are a superficial bunch and there's no denying it. Hey, I love hot girls. I'd eat em with a spoon.... Continue Reading →

Brian Kelly

The point of this blog is to first entertain you, and second to entertain myself. With that I'm writing a love letter to Brian Kelly. As a devout Notre Dame fan since the day I was born, much of my life has been full of ups and downs. Sad Fact: Last National title was in... Continue Reading →

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