How I Beat Chlamydia

The year was 2011: I was a strapping young buck, much thinner back then, and WAY more hair on my head. I began seeing a little philly that went to school at Ohio State. I was smitten. The first few weeks were blissful, fueled with booze, weed, some ecstasy sprinkled in there and of course copious amounts of sex. Everything was right with the world. I would travel down there one weekend, she would come up to The Nest the next weekend. Until one day something just didn’t feel right. There was an extreme pain, mostly itching and burning, inside of my cock. This was scary to say the least, 21 years old never had an STD in my life, I instantly thought the worst. I can recall my thoughts to this very day “oh fuck this how it ends. So young, diagnosed with HIV. I probably deserve it. I’m an idiot.” (don’t worry this story has a happy ending) So naturally the next step is to get tested. Crying my eyes out at the doctors office I pee into the cup. Then the news… Chlamydia, the clap, the Devils dick. They prescribed me some sort of drug and then I took it. After a terrible night of stomach pains and night sweats I had done it! I had beaten chlamydia! They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was too much for me to over come. But I did it. I was the champion. (the best part is that bitch I was banging tried to tell me that I had it before I met her. Like, no bitch you gave it to me, I hadn’t hook up with anyone two months prior to our fling)

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