“Liking” a Photo

The meaning of "liking" a picture has many different objectives. It could be a flirt, a sign of respect, connecting with old friends, whatever. For my single friends, I laugh every time I see one of their names "liking" a few specific girls pictures (Won't give names)... Why do I laugh? I laugh because I know their goals. I... Continue Reading →

Jacob Tremblay – The Boss

So who is Jacob Tremblay? He is literally the most adorable kid actor, he's also the most savvy public speaker I've ever seen. You are witnessing the next big star! He just missed out on nomination for his supporting role in "Room" (Yeah, I never heard of it either) but he stole the show on the... Continue Reading →

John Oliver Obliterates Trump

I like this guy. John Oliver is incredibly intelligent and when he gets amped up, some of his best work comes out. On his most recent show, he just kills presidential candidate Donald Trump. I tend to avoid politics, because, well, I hate them. But if this demagogue, Trump because the leader of our country, we... Continue Reading →

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