I Love The Booty

I have always loved the booty ever since I was a young boy, I do appreciate a nice pair of kahunas, but the booty is what I love. Below is why I love the booty.

A booty is timeless unlike a huge pair of kahunas.

A nice booty gives the impression of a nice athletic physique, that really shows off a woman’s curves.

A booty looks incredible in a pair of jeans.

Dancing with a lady with a nice booty is a great experience. Make sure you hold your ground.

A nice booty is the best, I mean the best in bed.

The way a nice booty looks on the beach.

Have you ever seen a nice booty in spandex?

These are just a few reasons of why I love the booty. I can go without a huge pair of kahunas, but a nice booty I can not. So ladies keep doing your squats lord knows I appreciate them.


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