Month: March 2016

Ugh, Gawkers

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of, “What Pisses G-Spot Off Today.” Yep, that’s right, another rant from yours truly. This week, fucking gawkers man. You know who I’m talking about. Those worthless souls who have to slow… Read More ›

Sexy Grams – Emrata

J-Hoe has been killin’ it with his sexy gram posts – only complaint; a whole lot of that family who’s last names starts with a J/K. Not his fault though, Kendall and Kourtney are gorgeous. Today, we appreciate Emily Ratajkowski…. Read More ›

FIFA Women Are Confussed

I swear, no one understands supply and demand. I sucked at economics but even I get it. Five Womens FIFA players filed a wage discrimination complaint against the U.S. soccer. “I think the timing is right,” Lloyd said on Today…. Read More ›