“The Most Interesting Man In The World” – Rick Muntz!

Drink a Dos Equis for the most interesting man in the world tonight. Sadly, he is retiring from the famed beer campaign. I guess his final adventure will be in space…

So who is the new Most Interesting Man in the World? It’s Rick Muntz, baby! I won’t stop pushing this potential  star. While trying to convince him to join the adult entertainment industry I asked him a few questions. If these aren’t interesting than I don’t know what is.

Question: What type of mansion do you want?    Response: “I would really like a double wide trailer on some lake in Whitehouse, Ohio.”

Question: What is your dream car?    Response: “I absolutely want and love the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse”

Question: What are you the best at?   Response: “I am incredible at sleeping and staying awake”

Question: What is your favorite beer?   Response: “Busch Light”

Question: When you die how do you want to be honored?     Response: “I want you to hold a celebration in your dad’s backyard. And I want two kegs of Busch Light on either side of my open casket, so everyone has to see me when they get a beer.”

Question: Will you ever stop smoking?    Response: “Why would I?”

I’m telling you… Rick Muntz needs to treat the world to his greatness.




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