Biggby vs. Starbucks

I am a coffee drinker. It’s great stuff. Admittedly, as I’ve developed my love for a nice cup of joe, I’ve become somewhat of a coffee snob. Hey, I want my joe to be the best joe I can get. Locally, we have Starbucks and Biggby as the two main options with a random Dunkin Donuts and other smaller spots here and there. Dunkin’ Donuts nationally is probably a bigger debate, but where our HQ is located, it’s Biggby or Starbucks.

To me, there is no debate. I’m a coffee snob, I want my Starbucks. Grande pike, 2% milk, and a pump of vanilla. Oh baby that’s my shit! At Starbucks, you may pay a little more but you are getting top of the line stuff. They also have a great menu of snacks and breakfast. Their only downfalls are they go too big with the flavors. I order just one pump of vanilla, rather than the standard 345 pumps of vanilla. Their sizes are annoying but I’ve gotten used to that. I’ll give Biggby it’s due but Starbucks wins everyday. Oh! Plus where else can you get an eccentric barista like my main man, Uncle Stink. Case closed.

Alright I’ll make this brief. Biggby coffee is poison. Taste is horrible, no cup sleeves to protect my hands, cups are weird. Biggby blows. Only positive to Biggby is their partnership with Barry’s Bagels. Man, Barry’s is great.

Well, I think that settles it.


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