Ass Grabbing Offensive Or Friendly?

I think this question personally can go both ways here. I feel there is solid evidence supporting a nice ass grab as a friendly gesture, but it can also be offensive. Also I would advise all of you to take notes, I am an expert on this shit.

When friendly

  • Power bottom
  • Its a girl you have known for a while, and she is comfortable with it.
  • You have already kissed
  • If your casually making out a soft grab of the tush is just fine.
  • You are about to start anal.
  • You are hitting her doggy.
  • The women is clearly excited and flirtacious toward you
  • 69 its encouraged
You have seen her either booty dance live, or a clip of her booty dancing.

When Offensive

  • In church.
  • The father is present.

That is really all I can think of. I honestly would just go for it in every other situation, nothing really that terrible can happen.

See they usually like it

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