Doritos are Incredible!

I’ve taken a step away from junk food game and have been trying to eat healthier to slim down. There’s temptation at every turn and cookies are my kryptonite but I’ll tell you what I bought some Doritos after I picked up Schmamerone from the airport on Sunday, accompanied by a crisp, cold Vernors, I thought I might blow a load in my jeans.Doritos SSC

I got the Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos and they are something else! A friend of mine and I have
a long running joke that I send him a picture of the the bag asking “Have you ever had these before?” because I was either drunk or hungover and hadn’t remembered asking him numerous times if he had in fact tried them. They’re unbelievably delicious! I thought some time ago that they had discontinued this variety and I was up in arms about it and contemplated writing them a letter chewing their ass, because I wasn’t able to chew on these babies…

Doritos NCNow, the Sweet Spicy Chili’s are a nice change of pace but lets not forget the staples of the brand. Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. I’m like a proud papa when approaching the two of them, I can’t pick a favorite. They make me equally happy when they’re around. I’ve been telling the roommates for a couple weeks now that we need to have a “Walking Taco Tuesdays” night. Get a shit ton of Doritos, and prepare the taco ingredients. I’m salivating when thinking about the meal. Dare I say it, I get so crazy  people may think I need to be institutionalized but mixing of the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch Doritos into one serving of walking  taco?


Doritos CRI’m craving them so badly right now it physically hurts… One more thing to note here, if you’re around TED don’t expect that bag to last very long the Dude loves Cool Ranch but when offered Doritos at all he may take your fingers off if you’re trying to score a couple more, especially if it’s getting towards the end of the bag. It’s best to buy in bulk or an extra bag just for him. He really gets after it…

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