HUGE Ranking & Review

Typically Rankings and Reviews are reserved for our own personal opinions. In a Cheeseknuckles first, I am going to give you a product, and we are going to see what users think? And of course, our first product is.... Overall, ranking: Some User Comments: Dale is the best - Simple and to the point.

Friday Vibes- “Coming Over”

It's Friday and it's time to vibe knuckleheads. Here's a smooth track for your music and beverage consumption. All I can think about is coming over too! This song is brought to you by Dillon Francis and Kygo, two of J-Hoe's favorite DJ's, and James Hershey with the vocals. Smooth sailing into the weekend guys,... Continue Reading →

Sexy GIF Friday Celebrity Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the week, we got big bootys banging, and titties are hanging, which bring us good cheer, it’s the most wonderful time of the week.   Sexy GIF Friday is here Knuckleheads, and this week it’s Sexy GIF Celebrity Edition. Ain’t no party like a Sexy GIF party.    

The Greatest Pizza Ever

Slow Friday so I'm sitting here thinking about all the food  I will drunkenly consume this weekend. Throughout the week I monitor my intake, but on the weekends it's Ted time. I don't watch a damn thing and I smash. For instance, last Friday, me, Uncle Stink, and G-Spot enjoyed cheese tacos soaked in Ortega... Continue Reading →

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