Rob “The Man” Manfred

What do you know… On the same day I celebrate Bat flip Friday Rob Manfred (MLB Commissioner) speaks in support of Bryce Harper and baseball’s need to embrace the future. Baseball’s Unwritten Bullshit When I hit a bomb in Wiffle ball I talk shit in-between each and every slow trot stride I make around the bases. Like a gnat (can you believe Gnat is spelled that way?) buzzing around the pitchers head, there I am. 365 degrees of pure asshole letting you hear all about my triumph. Cocky? YEP!

I love Manfred. The dude is the fresh breath of air the league needs. He understands the flashy side that the game is so desperately needed. His best explanation is that each generation has the opportunity to shape the game the way the feel fit. In sports, emotion is a huge part of it. If guys can’t wear that emotion on their sleeve than us fans are missing out on a huge part of what makes it all so great.

Full Interview Here

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