Legendary Matchup… Jlove

The Champion of Champions

J-Lo (46 years old) vs. Jennifer Anistan (47 years old). This is the superbowl of all matchups. This is where a guy like me might have his head explode before he could possibly pick one or the other. Father time has blessed these two babes with anti-aging genes. I would even argue they have a reverse case of Benjamin Button. Could you imagine being stranded on an island with these two babes and they demand you to pick one of them? I am not sure I could do it. Growing up with these babes and now looking back through the years of countless woodies and wet dreams these goddesses have caused, I just think I would rather die than have to choose here.


Yes that is a 46 year old ASS!

If the guys still got enough left in tank don’t count out our friend.

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston nudeJennifer Aniston Tease Tongue

Jennifer Aniston takes off shirt pink bikini

Jennifer Aniston stripping gifJennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses sexy gif

Hottest Jennifer Aniston GIFs Jennifer Aniston on all fours crawling

Conclusion: If you ever get the chance with these two make sure to put a baby in the oven.

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