Watch – TED Earns March Employee Of The Month, But Can’t Handle The Fame

Cheeseknuckles has been a big success thus far, so we decided to throw a little bash last weekend, and name our first employee of the month. It took nobody by surprise that when the name was announced TED was the winner for the month of March. I mean come on the guy is a machine, he writes about 5 articles a day, and shows no signs of slowing down. He can cover any topic sports, entertainment, booty, boobies, and dongs. He was a well-deserved winner.

Everything was going great that Saturday until TED overwhelmed with fame took it one step too far. Unfortunately TED suffered the same fate many celebrities have, they become over confident, or feel unstoppable one might say. His idea was to celebrate his crowning of employee of the month with a bike stunt. He wanted to grab all our closest followers, and employees to cheer him on as he jumped a garbage can at full speed. We all warned TED that this idea was crazy, it was insane, I mean TED had not rode in years. But in true TED fashion he ignored us, he was in TED mode, he was unstoppable. So TED went to the shed grabbed his old 94 Schwinn and put the garbage can in place. Please watch below to see the result.

The lesson here is don’t let fame get to you, stay grounded, stay humble, or you might end up like TED. Check out a message from TED You Wish…You Could Employee Like Me.  #hypothetical

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