BIGGER Big MAC – One Night Stand


Total Fucking Game Changer. My love for the Big MAC is well known. It is easily the best Burger on the planet. And our Poll from a few weeks ago verified this easily with a 100% sweep of the whopper.  Big Mac vs. Whopper

The bigger they can make it the better and studies support this. When polled, women have said that bigger is better for one night stands but average is ideal for a long term relationship. I for one couldn’t agree more…The Big Mac is my one night stand. It’s my dirty, sexy, chubby, secret sex slave of a meal. My one night stand guilty pleasure that I eat during my lowest points in life. It fulfills my happiness briefly, but ultimately leaves me alone and ashamed, rotting in anguish. The brief acceptance and comfort it provides carries with it weeks of baggage and ridicule when I finally realize it doesn’t have my best interest at heart. I’m just another number….

So why do I keep going back to the MAC? Because its addicting and I like to feel loved. Sure, I could easily cozy up long term with some turkey burger but that just gets boring over time. The Big Mac keeps things new and exciting. Young and experimental.

So thank you, Ohio…I plan on tracking down the Biggest MAC of them all and going to town in the front seat of my car.


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