Swinging At The Knees… Rick Muntz

Steven Adams of The Oklahoma Thunder praises Enes Kanter’s 12 of 13 shooting game along with what I can only assume is a  Rick Muntz like dick…

“Swinging at the knees” is right!  Damn thing looks like an elephant trunk… Probably feeds it peanuts and drinks from a water bowl as well. I might never write another Rick Muntz piece. Simply saying it’s “swinging at the knees” sums it up perfectly. I also wish I could say it with a majestic carefree accent like Steven Adams. Makes Ene Kanter’s dick sound like the most elegant and spectacular thing on this planet. Why is that? Throw a little accent or twang into the delivery and all of a sudden I envision the greatest looking penis there has ever been… Instead I have this boring ass Ohio accent that sounds like my nose is stuffed 24/7.

Rick Muntz… Just “swinging at the knees”





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