Month: May 2016

Who Actually Uses The Dick Fly?

I’m a thinker, which leaves my brain in constant motion. It’s both a blessing and a curse as most of my thoughts are a total waste of time… One example occurred while taking a piss earlier today. I randomly tried using the “fly”… Read More ›

Payet with a Stunner

J-Hoe brought you a beautiful highlight from the France – Cameroon game earlier with Orgasmic Assist from Paul Pogba, Sometimes Soccer/Futbol Is So Gosh Darn Beautiful. This wasn’t the only unreal highlight from the match-up. Dimitri Payet, who seems to have… Read More ›

Tuesday Vibes

Well the Memorial day weekend is finally over and boy did we take full advantage of it. TED’s mom looked a little concerned when she saw that we were home from Indy enjoying just a  few more cold pilsners. “It… Read More ›

Cavs Vs. Warriors

Well, here we go… “The rematch”, if you can call it that. Last night I officially became annoyed with the Warriors. Draymond Green is a dirty player who disguises it as hard play and hustle, while Curry is constantly chewing… Read More ›

Indy 2016

In case you didn’t know, we went to Indy this weekend. At this point everyone is probably thoroughly annoyed with our constant Indy conversation. However, below are some sights and sounds of the trip, which I think ranks up there… Read More ›