You wish…you could sneeze like me!

I fucking love to sneeze! When people see me start wiggling my nose I pray to God they don't say anything. I don't need them preventing me from feeling alive and sneezing my ass off. I want to release this thing like I'm releasing an orgasm...Shout it from the roof tops! Here's a quick example of... Continue Reading →


STOP with Your Dog Instagram Accounts

I haven't gone on a rant in awhile but....I mean the come the fuck on man. I love dogs. Love em. But get the hell out of here with the instagram accounts. Jesus christ, every damn time I open up instagram its a new account made solely for someone's pup. I get it, he or... Continue Reading →

What’s The Right Amount Of Bush?

It's 2016 and these days everyone manicures and landscapes their nether regions. For the most part, women are plickety plick smooth. That's just the way it is. Back in the 60's the bigger the bush the better, but times change and generations of women have forged their own identity. Since the 2000's - It's smooth... Continue Reading →

It’s Tribe Time Now!

I've kept quiet for long enough. Ted has given his take on Major League Baseball saying the Chicago Cubs are going to win the pennant this year. We'll see... but my money is on the red hot Indians or should I say the "Windians". I'm obviously a huge Cleveland fan and supporter being raised on... Continue Reading →

The Most Boring Time Of The Year

Sure the summer is beautiful. We get lakes, pools, grilling, and golf. I love it - However, I also hate this time of year for sports. There is literally nothing to watch right now. Football is dead. Basketball just finished. Golf is at a standstill. Hockey is over (I don't even watch much anyway) and... Continue Reading →

Where Should Durant Go?

NBA free agency is in full swing and Kevin Durant is exploring his plentiful options. As the most desired player in this years free agency, KD is having meetings with The Knicks, The Spurs, The Warriors, The Clippers, The Heat, The Celtics, and finally his current team and the incumbent, The Thunder. So where should KD go?... Continue Reading →

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