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On June 23rd I wrote this piece below and roughly 2 years ago I wrote a letter to Commissioner Rob Manfred and also sent the letter to Joe Torre at the head of the competition committee of MLB about some rule change ideas. My main point in the letter was a proposal to start every extra inning with a runner on second base… Today – What do you know???! Loyal reader Mr. Reproduce pointed this out. Turns out baseball is testing it.


The article along with the return letter.

Keeping up with the theme of changing the rules of every sport, I’m now going to explain one rule change for baseball that I believe would enhance the game.

Baseball is a grueling season. Managing a bullpen and pitching staffs inning count is the key to success. Also, games in general are really fucking long for fans to sit through. I remember taking the bus to a Red Sox game years ago. Unfortunately that game went 18 innings and I was stuck . The bus did not leave until the game was over.

My solution to save pitching staffs and keeping games short – Start each extra inning with a runner on second base. The last batter to record an out from the previous inning would start the 10th inning standing on second. This would accomplish a few things – It would aid scoring so the game wouldn’t run forever. It would also save teams from exhausting their bullpens, which can effect their rotation for weeks going forward. Finally, it would be really exciting extra innings baseball. Teams would be forced to make strategic offensive decisions. Do you bunt, hit, send the runner? Make the choice, coach.

I feel so strongly about this rule that back in May 2015 I actually wrote commissioner Rob Manfred a letter. Shockingly, that amazing man wrote me back… That’s right! Rob Manfred followed up. Need proof? See below…

I blurred out my address… Can’t have the groupies knocking on my door at all hours of the night.

Also, notice how we said he appreciated the kind words. That because I buttered him up with some real smooth talk. Went on about how I believe he is the best thing for baseball in years. Got to work it, fellas.

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