Update: Starbucks Affair

Alright, a couple hours late on this, but I thought it was only fair to give you guys an update. This guy and his mistress continued to talk strategy on how to length their affair. Part of me was sick to my stomach hearing all this. His poor wife, thinking things were all good with... Continue Reading →

Friday Vibes

We've been on the EDM path for awhile now so I'd like to switch it up and act like we're all hood rich out here. Get into a little Travis Scott, Thugga Thugga, and Quavo with "Pick up the Phone". It has somewhat of a tropical feel to it with that beat. You definitely have to follow... Continue Reading →

John’s Ladies…

Once you get a little you want it all..  That's how I feel when I hear one John Mayer song, it triggers me to listen to all the different varieties that Mayer brings to the table. I'm guessing that's how the ladies in his life have felt all along. They got a little taste of... Continue Reading →

John Mayer is the Man!

I've been a fan from the "Room for Squares" days. The dude is out there, I get that but he is a musical genius and lays the pipe to numerous hot celebrities. Ted was trying to make an argument for Ed Sheeran being a better artist. He must've been fucking high when he made these... Continue Reading →

PIB: A Ted Update

As you guys read yesterday, Ted headed to the Island of Put-In-Bay for a business meeting/outing. He is today, MIA. We received a couple messages when he got his phone back up and running as it died early in the morning. Ted's girlfriend received a text message around 7 o'clock last night that included one... Continue Reading →

Overheard at Starbucks…

Well, happy Friday knuckleheads! Have I got a story for you...and it's coming live from my favorite coffee spot, Starbucks. I'm sitting here, enjoying a cup of joe, getting some work done before I head into my looooong weekend. I say long because I'm off all next week! Be prepared for some useless bullshit from... Continue Reading →

Knuckles Deep Crush of the Week

Last week of July. MAN, this summer is zoomin'. Like July, we always bring the heat when it comes to our KDCOTW's and are you in for a treat this week. Seriously, this is top notch. Charlotte McKinney--the blonde bombshell (has a pair of bombshells as well). Not much  to say about this one, just... Continue Reading →

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