Knuckles Deep Crush of the Week

Last week of July. MAN, this summer is zoomin’. Like July, we always bring the heat when it comes to our KDCOTW’s and are you in for a treat this week. Seriously, this is top notch. Charlotte McKinney–the blonde bombshell (has a pair of bombshells as well). Not much  to say about this one, just look at her. Be better looking Charlotte, seriously, be better looking.

IG: @charlottemckinney

screen-shot-2015-05-04-at-10-22-14-am  o-CHARLOTTE-MCKINNEY-900

LU5VGlZ 740full-charlotte-mckinney


screen-shot-2015-05-04-at-10-22-36-am charlotte36


Lawd have mercy!


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