John Mayer is the Man!

I’ve been a fan from the “Room for Squares” days. The dude is out there, I get that but he is a musical genius and lays the pipe to numerous hot celebrities. Ted was trying to make an argument for Ed Sheeran being a better artist. He must’ve been fucking high when he made these claims. While I enjoy Ed Sheeran and his presence in the music industry has been phenomenal, he still is an up and comer when you stack him up with Johnny boy.

But the reason I’m bringing up John now is due to his Snapchat story: johnthekangaroo and it’s a hilarious follow. I’ve followed him for a day now and look forward to his every move. He hasn’t brought any new music to the people in awhile but I’m sure he’ll be back but here’s a clip from his recent snapchattery.

The kicks featured in this video I can only assume were purchased at Costco as the box reads “Kirkland Signtaure- Men’s athletic shoe”. Absolutely fire!

Here’s a few of my favorite songs from John one of which is just a guitar solo on Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”…still waiting on that new album Frank.

Neon- My all time favorite

Assassin, from Battle Studies…

and the classic “paper doll” written about Taylor Swift.

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