John’s Ladies…

Once you get a little you want it all..  That’s how I feel when I hear one John Mayer song, it triggers me to listen to all the different varieties that Mayer brings to the table. I’m guessing that’s how the ladies in his life have felt all along. They got a little taste of him and wanted to lock his ass down. John has quite the taste himself. I’m here to show you all the babes that John has been linked with and boy is it a lineup… I was going to post pictorial evidence of him with each girl but I’ve now decided to select the sexiest photo of each of them just to show how good this dude has really had it.

From Top Left Clockwise: Minka Kelly, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katy Perry, & Scheana Marie.

Now these aren’t order of when he dated them, but I swear the dude got these chickies while they were in their prime. Dude is a real sexual assassin. Holy hell this is a list of babes if I’ve ever saw it.


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