PIB: A Ted Update

As you guys read yesterday, Ted headed to the Island of Put-In-Bay for a business meeting/outing. He is today, MIA. We received a couple messages when he got his phone back up and running as it died early in the morning. Ted’s girlfriend received a text message around 7 o’clock last night that included one other girlfriend of a buddy of ours that Ted works with notifying them that their boyfriends would not be making it back until Today and that it was necessary for them to stay the evening for this event…Ted reached out to the Cheeseknuckles crew with this message:

10:04 PM
“Guys. I’m hammered and staying at PIB”

That was it…

I also got a message just a few minutes earlier in another thread that read:

10:02 PM
“Fuck. *Buddy* just fell in the lake.”
“All the way under.”
“Phone is Ruined”

(*Buddy* was used to keep that individual anonymous)

That’s the last contact we’ve had with him…Hopefully his ass makes it back to the mainland to pump out some content. We need him dearly, I mean he is the CEO, am I right?!

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