Update: Starbucks Affair

Alright, a couple hours late on this, but I thought it was only fair to give you guys an update. This guy and his mistress continued to talk strategy on how to length their affair. Part of me was sick to my stomach hearing all this. His poor wife, thinking things were all good with her husband, the scumbag that he is. But another part of me thought, man this guy is killin’ it! (If you’re lost btw, read the original story Overheard at Starbucks…)

Anyway, the scum couple left leaving me to my work–thank god. A good 30 minutes later, I packed up my things and headed to the car. Walk outside and who do I see? This goddamn duo, chit-chatting away, sharing laughs, PDA’ing like a couple of 20 year olds who just started banging. It was a sickening display, especially considering the circumstances. I tell ya what, there was not a worry in the world between the two of them.

I pray they get caught soon just to end the masquerade they are performing. Bunch of low-lifes, both of whom I admire and despise at the same time. But hey, its 2016, this shit apparently goes on without a whim. That is why I can’t trust anyone. Not girls, not guys, not UNCLE STINK. No one…I’m kiddin’ Stink, I trust ya I trust ya.

Point is, be careful out there knuckleheads. Don’t be like the Starbucks Sleazeballs.


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