Sorry Knuckleheads

I'm at the bay for "work" today and the Beer is flowing. I'm taking the day off from posting. Everyone needs a breather from time to time. I know I'm funny but it's not always easy.  Signing out for today.   CEO, Ted.  PS: don't count on the others to bring the non-stop killer content.... Continue Reading →

Classic Clip: Dating

This scene from Wedding Crashers is one of the many gems of this movie. It gives you the insight of what really might go through your or their head when on a date. I'm a classic over thinker and Fucking A it can be very difficult to figure out the vibe. Jeremy played by Vince... Continue Reading →

Kings of Summer

I think it's pretty undeniable...We are the Kings of Summer. Once that weather we so impatiently waited for hit we've been taking full advantage of it. We've gone on trips, thrown parties, attended other's parties, hung out by the pool, had a bonfires with s'mores, gone to block parties, golfed our asses off and much,... Continue Reading →

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