Wednesday Workout Motivation

If you guys need a little workout motivation for you midweek pump sesh try what the guys from New Girl use. This is a hilarious take on working out and the fact that Schmidt loves the song makes it even better. Throw this track on... PS: How did Britney pull it back together... Continue Reading →


My Take On The FSU Player Eating Pizza

First - This story is very uplifting and something I would love to see more of. FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph was visiting a local school when he decided to grab a bite to eat with an autistic boy eating lunch alone. This gesture really pulls at my heartstrings and nothing bothers me more than kids... Continue Reading →

The Chainsmokers Letdown

I watched The Chainsmokers Closer performance at the VMA's and let's just say it was a total letdown. These guys should stick to their sick beats and let qualified singers belt out their incredible lyrics. The dude sounded like myself in the kitchen the morning after a bender from the night before. Maybe they are... Continue Reading →

Knuckles Deep Crush of the Week

We have reached the end of August, a special month--like June--that allows us to have 5 KDCOTW's. And you know us, we gotchu. This week's crush is one of SI Swimsuit's very best, Hannah Ferguson. Straight outta Texas, Hannah dominates the SI pages and my god are her eyes hypnotizing. She's got everything head to... Continue Reading →

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