FOX Sports 1 – Katie Nolan

Fox Sports 1 is following the footprint of Fox News by hiring hotties to host their shows. As they say, sex sells and Fox absolutely uses that as a business model. FS1 currently has two of the best looking ladies in the industry. As I said before they have Kristine Leahy from “The Herd” who is damn near perfect… And you can now add another babe in Katie Nolan from the show “Garbage Time

She’s an Emmy winning young and energetic sports lady that provides witty comments and commentary. She also seems like a girl that would be fun to have a beer and plate of nachos with at a baseball game. Much like Kristine Leahy she’s not only hot but she’s also smart. Something these two ladies have over Hillary Clinton. Hell, maybe Katie Nolan and Kristine Leahy should run for office. That’s a ticket I can get behind and support.

#NolanforPresident – Breaking that glass ceiling. Her Instagram

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