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So this morning was interesting–very interesting in fact. First, my fat ass sat on my 3 week old sunglasses, so ya know, fuck. Besides the point though. Anywho, I made an early trip out to a place I’ve only curiously drove by several times. A place that contained things I know, as a man, I would have no problem looking at. A place, as a man, I would have no problem entering. But a place, as a man, for some reason always worry about who’s driving by when I drive into the parking lot. If the title didn’t give it away, this place is Pleasure 365.

Let me be clear, I was there for business and business alone! Even despite that fact, just driving into that parking lot holds a stigma so stinky, the uncomfortableness was kinda overwhelming. So, I overcame my hesitation and entered the building, and boom, 3 guys waiting in line with with a smorgasbord of products they were looking to buy. I look to my left an out comes an older latino man from the video arcade area. As my eyes venture back to the desk to talk with the manager, I’m pretty sure I saw every set of boobs in that place–not complaining just saying.

This place is a winter wonderland of sex. Yes, we all know they exist but every time I’ve been in one of these shops (this was the first time in years), I am amazed at the plethora of thingamajigs that they offer. A lot of things were for women, but of course, one of the bros in line had vibrating dildo. I only know this because the nice lady at the desk said “let me check to make sure the batteries are in it, sweetheart.” Ay yi yi.

Why I am I writing about this? I don’t know, but it was an interesting 30 minutes or so for me this morning and I have this forum. Also, I have to be in the majority when it comes to feeling uncomfortable when approaching such a place. The boobs were nice though.


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