Boyz Golf Trip!

It’s a shorter work week for J-Hoe, Ted, and I as we will travel south for an annual Golf Trip down to Wheeling, West Virginia at Oglebay Golf Club. We arrive Friday Morning and will play 36 holes of scheduled competitive scramble style golf. 24 men in the mountains staying in cabins boozing all weekend.

On Friday, everyone rolls up and unloads the cars into cabins that hold us for the weekend along with a shit ton of booze plus a fridge for the essentials: burgers, brats, and dogs. I don’t think we have much else besides that. A friend of ours has set-up this trip for 3 years now and does an incredible job of laying out the weekend. His emails are phenomenal, without missing a single detail.

He has sent out an email listing all the competitors from each city along with unpleasant nicknames for everyone of us. Last night we received an email with a video of him and his lovely assistant, his wife, drawing names from a basket for the 1st day pairings. Friday we play a 2-man best ball scramble and Saturday, the Losers from Friday’s match-ups will draft or pick their partners for a 4 man best ball. We’ve played and partied with these guys before, including in Vegas and these guys are absolute circus animals. We thought we go hard, it doesn’t hold a light to these guys… They don’t slow down. Just get out of the way. I’m sure we will have plenty of stories to report when we get back from this Hillbilly heaven.

The golf courses are nothing like anything that we play up here in flat ass Ohio. Hills and slopes play a huge part in how we do. Add numerous brewskis to the mix and you’ve got a real challenge. These courses are beautiful and designed by some of the greats. We play Speidel Golf Club which is composed of The Arnold Palmer Course and the Trent Jones Sr. Course.



Should make for an interesting weekend and come Sunday, I’m sure we’ll be ready to roll home.

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