Stink’s Suicide Squad Review

Being the resident superhero geek of the Cheeseknuckles crew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see “Suicide Squad” in the theaters. I went into it with an open mind as the critics and reviews were not positive for the DC Comics release and I’m a Marvel Comics supporter. There are some spoilers, just a heads up…So here it goes:

I know this has nothing to do with the movie but it has to be touched on. A dude one row in front of us ripped a loud ass fart and the knucklehead lady friend that attended the movie with me looked and asked “Was that you?!” which I laughed and declined. I could understand with a name like Uncle Stink she had assumed it was me…No Sir! She then said really loudly “It sounded like someone just shit their pants!” At this point we’re in tears laughing…

The movie started off well by introducing the squad for who they were and what they had done to be in the position of being locked up. It also had cameos of characters that weren’t huge roles in this particular movie but would be featured in upcoming movies such as Batman, Ben Affleck and The Flash, Ezra Miller. This movie was supposed to be a weird twist of a love story and had been advertised as Joker being the villain and focal point. Highly disappointed in his involvement as it seemed like he was barely in the movie. The love story revolved around another unlikely pair of characters, June Moon and Rick Flagg.

The whole story was very bizarre and far fetched. The action scenes were solid as hell but the plot was weak in comparison. I understand that’s how these movies go but I had a hard time buying in last night. I’d also say that everything that happened was very predictable except for 1 individual dying right away. Surprised the shit out of me.

It’s worth seeing but I would probably wait till it’s on DVD or stream it online… Onto the Next one DC fans, hopefully you can rise from the rubble of shit you have been putting out.

Knuckles: 6/10

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