Woman Checks On Plane In Boy Shorts

A Virgin America passenger checked onto her flight in nothing but boy shorts to cover her ass.


If this was a nasty ass I would complain and rant about how disgusting this is/was. If this was a dude I would destroy him for a perverted attempt at flying. But guess what – That’s a pretty nice ass right there so I have nothing but(t) praise. Talk about a smart move. Check in through security will be quick and easy and planes always run on the warm side. This chick can stroll  through the detectors and comfortably enjoy her flight. She should be confident with a dumper like that and should she be running late, she will be extremely aerodynamic and quick as a cat.

PS: Boy shorts are the best. Far better than thongs.

PSS: This could be a Virgin America marketing ploy. That logo is conveniently placed right above her. Geniuses

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