Last Chance U, more like Dickhead U!

We had been told by multiple Knuckleheads to check out this Netflix Original series. And boy did we binge through every episode last night. The show was described as:

“Last Chance U” follows a group of young men training to become the future stars of the NFL. Based at East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), “Last Chance U” takes us on a journey to understand the real men of the gridiron at one of the most successful, but least known athletic programs. Each player has incredible talent and drive to be the best, but each face their own unique struggles both on and off the field. As their season takes an unexpected turn, the methods of this unconventional team are deeply called into question. With much to lose, they are constantly reminded of the stakes. – Written by Netflix

LCU CoachIt’s much, much more than that. The Head Coach is an absolute asshole and “Piece of shit” according to Ted. The coach acts like he’s doing good by these kids but he treats them like prisoners at an internment camp. Telling them they’re playing “Like Fuck” but then preaching the bible or saying the lord’s prayer after the game. He’s an absolute hypocrite. I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the entire series as to how off the wall and ridiculous this fucking idiot was.

These kids that play on the team for the most part come from some pretty shitty LCU Olliebackgrounds but still can’t seem to grasp that this is their one chance or last chance to get themselves out of the hell holes they call home. They need a 2.5 to graduate and move to a D1 program. Ms. Wagner is the team’s academic adviser and I have to give her credit she does an incredible job of trying to keep these dumb asses eligible. The kids can miss 4 classes, 5th one they miss, they’re dropped from the class and can’t play. What do they think will happen at the D1 program that they would like to… She somehow digs deep within these kids to get results but fuck do they put her through the ringer.

LCU WagnerMs. Wagner ain’t half bad looking either. Ted, J-Hoe, and I feel that there might be some scandalous activities between adviser and athletes behind the scenes. If not while in school, maybe after they graduate. She cleans up pretty well despite the braces. The most notable player on the team was a Florida State Transfer who was getting buried on the depth chart so he transferred to EMCC for 6 months to get recruited, didn’t have problems with grades and seemed to be pretty well off based on his gear and how he carried himself, a cocky motor mouth who fucked up constantly on the field for thinking he was better than he actually was, John Franklin III. He didn’t get an offer until the first string Quarterback was injured and Franklin ran for 6 touchdowns in the first half. He’s looking to earn the starting job at Auburn this year.LCU Franklin

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at how fucking crazy JUCO Football works and how stupid these “student atheletes” are, how big of a piece of shit EMCC’s coach is…Highly entertaining shit!

Knuckles: 9/10

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