Olympic Racer Dives For The Gold

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Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas dove across the finish line to beat the U.S.’s Allyson Felix in the 400 meters by 0.07 seconds to win the gold medal… And for the USA that is super shitty. Though I can’t hate on Shaunae for the absolute heart. As I wrote  diving in baseball is faster and I guess the same holds true for track, as is evident by her winning the Gold. We can all bitch and moan about this “bush league” move but she was willing to lay out and risk injury to be a champion. In 40 years she can smile at her mantle as the Gold glistens in the morning sun. By that point the scratches and bruises will be long gone but the pride will remain. I credit her for laying out. I can’t wait to see how nasty this gets when everyone starts diving.

PS: Another rule I learned. The hands do not count for the win. It’s the first racer’s torso to cross that wins.

Also – Originally the high jump was done feet first. So you see, there is always room for change.

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