Squat Obsession?

I don’t get it. I really don’t understand why the squat rack is the most sought after piece of equipment in the gym. Every time I’m in the weight room, they9d1ryt squat rack is occupied and there is someone counting down the sets until its their turn. Now sure, squats are important, especially on leg day, but there are other alternatives that these heathens can be doing.

Girls, I get it, you gotta keep those hips tight–you gotta keep that booty right–and squats will bring results. But aren’t there other effective booty exercises to keep that rump a’rumpin’? I’m a novice when it comes to complete work-outs, but I know there are other things in the gym that help tone the buttocks. I never squat, just don’t see the need when I can leg press, leg curl, leg extend, box jump, etc. HA! I hardly do any of those things.

Main point: Why the high demand for the squat press? Do not get it. Enlighten me if you want…


One thought on “Squat Obsession?

  1. U really don’t get it come on why be throwing ur legs all around when all u have to do I squat not aquared but pleasant speed is normal It like watching the second hand on the clock tick tock tick tock I have a but like a rock. Anybody looking that’s why hypnotizing . U see nothing else but the tick tock tick toc


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