Back to School, Back to School…

Well this is it for many, the last day of summer. My little brother heads back to school to start the 6th grade. Sort of funny to start the school year tomorrow on a Thursday but I guess they’re just breaking the kids in, sort of like syllabus week for college students. You don’t learn shit except for the expectations of the course over the semester and you get shitfaced all week without a worry in the world. Sounds pretty enticing, J-Hoe and I were looking to enroll in some courses this semester but it fell through. We just dream of the days that we get to go back and be college kids again. Why not us?!

I know we go to work everyday while people are off for the summer, but with school starting again it feels different as if everyone is now grinding and we’re all in this together. It’s no longer the lax summer hours and effort put forward. With fall quickly approaching we have to be a little more on top of our game. Soak up the last bit of sun before its jeans and sweatshirt weather, still plenty of time to booze it up on the weekends!

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