RGIII why are you doing this now?!

RGIII and his wife are getting divorced. I hope this shit ends quickly and quietly. Hey Bro! we’ve got a season about to start and you’re doing this now?! All I can say is keep your head on a swivel and throw some fucking dimes bub. I know the Cavs won us a championship and the Indians are leading the AL Central but it’s your job to keep righting this Cleveland sports ship. If you get us 1 more win than the 2 Colin Cowherd predicted, I will be okay. RG.jpg

Now when I started writing this post I was just going to touch on the divorce but as a buddy pointed out as well as Busted Coverage you’ve moved on quickly. I hope your passes and feet move as quickly as your relationship status did and I hope you upgrade your game on the field like you upgraded your girl…Props my man! You’re killing the game there. She’s so money and you don’t even know it! Don’t let these chicks play you though bub, you need to be playing the game yourself. Be that cocky son of a bitch that won the Heisman and run with it! You’ve got no time for the ladies when all they have is time for you. But until kick off…Have you some fun fam! Ooooweeeee!



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