Stinks on the links: Week 16 Update

Well this summer started off hot and as the league is coming to an end, I’m colder than ice on the course. I once again didn’t make a single putt, but besides that I struck the ball well. We as a team tied the others we were matched up against. 18-18.

I was lucky enough to play a fellow friend and party goer of the area, Mark Plocek, so we had a good time. I blasted a tee shot on #3 of the beautiful Riverby Hills Golf Course and my competitor says to me “you must need a blow job…looks like you’ve got a bunch of pent up anger to be hitting the ball that far. Did you see Scott’s drive? He must be getting it all the time.” as the guy hit one of the wimpiest drives I had seen in awhile. He was buying me brews on the course after I turned him down at first “what are you going for the win?!” I said “alright, I’ll take one” He laughed “that’s my boy!” He ended up beating me personally 11-7 with scores of 41 and myself finishing at 42. He gave me a hug as I was leaving the final green. Must’ve felt bad for me. I didn’t play my best but I did have a great time.

Yesterday’s Lesson: Good people trump good golf.

Hit ’em straight!


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