Dansby Swanson Is The Next Big Thing

Dansby Swanson, the number one overall pick in the 2015 draft made his major league debut last night for the Atlanta Braves and didn’t disappoint. He went 2-4 and like Harper, has the flow game strong. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder about good young players and their hair? There seems to be a correlation going on here. This could be something for the analytical guys to investigate when drafting.

Anyway, the Braves absolutely suck ass but Swanson was a bright light for a hopeful future. The Shortstop can also slap the leather a bit. With Harper, Swanson, Trout, Machado, and Bryant the game seems to be trending in the right direction and the hair commercials plentiful.

Here is a video of Dansby at Vanderbilt when he was announced the #1 pick. Obsviously his team liked him as well. In most cases you would find me sitting on the bench bitter that some asshole went first and not myself. He was originally selected by the Diamond backs but those idiots traded him.

PS: He’s pulling major buns…. Also his first of many hits.

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