He’s back baby! Chris Hansen Vs. Predator

Chris Hansen might be one of my favorite people to watch on TV. He’s know for “To Catch a predator” which was Chris working with a camera crew and police investigation team catching scum of the earth dirt bags that have shit for brains, creeps. Police pose online profiles as children and these men come over to “party” and “hang out”. They bring party favors such as mike’s hard lemonade, weed, and condoms…Thinking they’re in for a real treat. Surprise! You’re a dumb ass trying to have sex with kids. This show is highly entertaining seeing the guys back pedaling trying to make excuses for what they really intend to do. I know what these guys are attempting to do is sick and fucked up, I just love that we’re catching these bastards before they can harm any others. The show was so well received that they’ve started this new series which probably entails using apps like tinder to bust these dick heads. Keep it up Chris! You’re my hero!

My favorite line is a simple “Nooooo” when the guy recognizes Chris right away. Must’ve thought since the show was no longer on the air they weren’t running these sting operations.

2 thoughts on “He’s back baby! Chris Hansen Vs. Predator

  1. “He was fired by NBC under a contractual morals clause after Radar Magazine published a story documenting an affair he was having with a local news reporter”

    welcome back


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