Sausage Party – Review

I really don’t even know where to begin. This movie was fucking ridiculous, from start to finish. And I don’t mean ridiculous in a bad way, it was just, well, ridiculous. Sausage Party was as crued yet hilarious as it could possibly be.

Alright, basic plot is that in the secret life of food, all food items believe being bought at the grocery store is their ticket to heaven, or “The Great Beyond”. That is until a HotDog named Frank finds out the truth after a food catastrophe, aka this lady with an itchy vagina spills a bunch of shit out of her cart. maxresdefault.jpg(I say itchy vagina because she was buying a douche. The douche becomes the villain shortly after the spill) Anyway, Frank takes it upon his self to try and warn the other food.

That’s it for spoilers with the plot–it’s simple to understand. Everything in between though, jesus christ. I already mentioned the douche, but there is constant sexual tension between every damn food item in the store. The douche does some gay things, there’s a lesbian taco named Teresa. Brenda Bunson, Frank’s busty bun girlfriend, is constantly talking about touching tips. And that’s just the start.

Then comes all the racial references within the food. The sauerkraut wants to eliminate the juice hahahaha. Oh man I’m dying, that was great. The mexican foods have a saloon where tequila is the town drunk. But my favorite is kind of a subplot that involves a bagel (jewish) and a lavash (middle eastern) who are constantly arguing about the other being in their aisle. Just incredible.

I thought it was good. Endless laughs from start to finish. The dialogue was fantastic actually. A little over the top at times, especially the last scene, but solid comedy nonetheless.

7/10 Knuckles.


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