Gambling Isn’t All Bad For Fed EX

Frederick Smith, the founder of Fed EX was so desperate for money when he first started that he had to rely on gambling in Vegas to fund his company.

The idea for Fed Ex came when he wrote a last minute paper for an economics class in Yale, in which he scored a C grade. (I can honestly confirm this. I had a professor at BGSU who claims that he dated one of the daughters. Apparently the Yale professors shit on this idea…Who’s doing the shitting now? Frederick is! Also – dumb ass professor should have put a ring on it after one week of dating. Frederick Smith is now worth 3.9 billion. That is fat cash)

The daughters:

Anyway, FedEx started out with eight planes, covering 35 cities, and it had plans to add more each month but funding was low and when it dwindled to $5,000 Smith realized he didn’t have enough to fuel the planes. In that moment he flew to Vegas and played blackjack where he turned that $5,000 into $27,000 and kept Fed Ex operating. 

The rest is history as everyone relies on Fed Ex for the good shit they order. Nothing is more exciting that coming home from work to a pile of goodies. Like a modern day Santa Claus, shit fires me up. Uncle Stink literally has a delivery weekly from some source.

So keep Gambling..Never know…

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