Hide Your Fries!!! Bill Murray Is On The Loose And He Is Snatching Them Up

Daily Mail.com – Bill Murray is a comedic legend on screen and off.

And on Saturday, the 65-year-old actor’s famous humor played out in real life as he helped himself to some French fries that didn’t belong to him while at Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

The amusing interaction of the Groundhog Day star stealing the greasy chips from a total stranger was captured on camera and posted by Reddit user


This is classic Bill Murray, and some evidence suggests he isn’t a first time offender as a fry thief.

Reddit Post 6 years ago – It was earlier today around noon near Times Square. I’ve been on vacation with a couple of my friends in the city and most of them were sleeping in after a late night. I strolled out of the hotel and made my way to a nearby Mcdonald’s to grab some fries and a shake. When I was waiting to cross at the 46th and 7th crosswalk I noticed a hand slip around me from behind and grab two of my fries. In my confusion I turned around and HOLY SHIT ITS BILL FUCKING MURRAY! Before I could get a word out, he yelled over the crowd, “No one will ever believe you.” He then cross to the other side of 7th avenue and disappeared into the crowd.

Now you know Knuckleheads keep your french fries close, and your head on a swivel. B-Murray is snatching em up.






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