Wedding Weekend ahead…Work slows.

After a weekend in the hills of West Virginia, the boys are back in town and back to work. We have a huge wedding this weekend in town and I for one cannot wait! It’s going to be one helluva celebration. Ted is in this wedding as one of two best men that will attack this wedding weekend with passion. He said on the way home yesterday that this week he will not get anything accomplished and I think I’m joining him with that lack of motivation to grind. Hopefully his speech doesn’t go a little something like this:

This weekend is essentially the biggest party of all parties as we will be boozing with basically everyone we’ve ever boozed with before… We do however need to hit the gym hard this week as the summer dwindles so have our work ethics in the gym. Things are getting soft time to pick it up. Regardless we’re in for a real treat as all our buddies from college and friends we’ve made post-grad in life are getting together to tear it up…I fucking loive weddings, people celebrating love, dressed their best, downing booze and dancing! What’s not to love?! Theirs going to be a live band hoipefully they can provide some covers like this…

How can I do a post on weddings and not include one Wedding Crashers clip? Here’s one that typically gets over looked…

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