Ben Carson Has A Nice New Crib

Ah, Politics and the payout. Ben Carson just spent 4.3 million on this 8,700 square foot bad ass crib. Just recently the “giving” Bernie Sanders also bought a $600,000 home himself. God damn those greedy 1% assholes he’s always speaking about. They are all so damn spoiled.

Check out this bad boy Carson shacks up in. It’s also just down the road from Trump’s place. (One of his places)


Capture 1.JPG

Capture 7.JPG

Capture 5.JPG

Capture 6.JPG


Good for Ben – if you have it spend it. Don’t ever apologize for having nice shit either. Let the haters hate while you swim in your fat stacks. Someday I hope I can rub a home like this in the noses of everyone.


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