Happy Birthday Internet!

Man, the world wide web turns 25 today….fuck, I’m older than the goddamn internet?! Well anyway, courtesy of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, our public society was granted access to the web 25 years ago. Here’s a link to the first ever public webpage.


Since that fateful day back in 1991, the internet has become a monster–both good and bad. Think about it, you can research for a college thesis, then bitch and moan on Facebook about your college thesis! You can catch up on the latest news from across the globe, then be an oversensitive bitch and start an online petition about some little thing that offends you!

Alright, in all honesty, the internet has provided more good than bad. Hey, ya can’t see what your favorite Cheeseknuckles bloggers are ranting and raving about without the WWW. So thank you for craving access to the internet. And thank you internet for providing this forum so we can continue to bring you the best, yet pointless content available.


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