New Respect for Nate Diaz

Never liked this dude. McGregor fan, especially when he’s fighting this dumbass. But I will give Nate Diaz his props. Guy can fight and it took every ounce of McGregor to earn his decision last Saturday.

But let’s talk dope! Diaz, post-fight, was toking on a cannabis vape pen while at the press conference. All battered up, he openly admitted that is had weed in it. Said it helps with his recovery and his healing process…a load of shit. But hey, mad respect for saying “fuck it” and doing what he wants.

Anarchy is great in sports and the fact that this substance that has been proven to help with pain is still banned is just ridiculous. But of course, the UFC and USADA are going to investigate, because, you know, they’re dumbasses.


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