You Wish…You Could Tinker Like Me

I’m the handyman of all handymen. Loose knob, I got it! Broken fence, I’m your man! All day everyday I’m tinkering my ass off around the house. I fix and improve all aspects of life and the NEST reflects my strenuous attention to detail.

Need the lawn mowed? I’ll mow lines straighter than your peener while grinding some babe on the dance floor. Mulch? Are you kidding me? I’ll spread it like butter… There’s no task I cannot handle. Do I work well with others? Hell no, I’m a one man workshop locked and loaded with a tool belt and determination. My garage is full of manly equipment that helps me get the job done the right way.

I build tables, shelves, toys, and any other improvements needed or desired. Tinker Ted, fixing the world one hammer at a time like the boss I am.

When the clock strikes mid-night there I am, like a wolf in the moonlight, fixing the land.



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