Panda Express

What an establishment. I mean I love this place. Recently, a new location opened up near by in my sales–now former–territory and, well, you could say I’ve been a frequent visitor. Sure, not the healthiest of eats, but my god what a place to have lunch.

If you haven’t been there, picture a simple, chinese chipotle. I go plate each time with the option for two entrees. Then instead of complying with the “1 side” I go half chow mein and half fried rice. If you don’t get the best of both worldpanda-express_image-4.jpgs, then you’re an idiot. Next are the entrees and let me tell ya, there are a bunch. Shrimp, chicken, steak, pork, or vegetarian options for those who are demented. I can’t tell ya what to pick, but Kung Pao is a constant with my meal–spicy and satisfying.

Now again, it’s not the healthiest of spots but your taste buds will explode with each visit. I am a loyal Chipotle guy, and more recently a Balance Grille enthusiast, but Panda Express will never get the cold shoulder from G-Spot. Today, I tried something new, the string bean chicken–off the hook!

Listen, if you haven’t at least given it a whirl, do so. Maybe I’ll see ya there.


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