Stinks on the Links: Week 17 update

I’m fucking terrible you guys… There’s points in every individual’s game where you just lose control, feel like you can’t do anything right, and you’re not sure if you’ll ever hit a ball straight or cleanly again. That was me yesterday. I started off bogey, triple-bogey, quadruple-bogey, bogeyed the following 3 holes, and somehow three beers later I strapped up and parred the last 3 holes. I felt like a lost child on the links. My partner and I fell short of of our competitors 20-16 as they choked away the last 3 holes. I walk into the clubhouse with my head down. “What did you shoot?” I let them know and the guys in my league look at me as if they had just drank sour milk…”a 47?!, are you shitting me?!” I let them know it could’ve been worse seeing as I parred the last 3. Nothing a few heinkens can’t fix though…

Next week is for all the marbles and hopefully my partner and I can sack up and play to win the overall championship. It’s for money as well as bragging rights. It would be nice to end the season on a high note. Ol Stink, J-hoe, & Ted are playing golf this Friday morning at Riverby Hills in a light friendly competition for the wedding weekend. Hopefully I can tune up for Tuesday. That or I’ll get shitfaced like I did last night to deal with the disappointment.

As always Knuckleheads, hit ’em straight.

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